Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year, I guess

Wow I haven't updated in a while.
Anyway, I've notice a lot of UTAU makers have blogs and I, to be honest, COMPLETELY forgot I had a blog! ^^;
But I'm here now and I will try to post weekly,if not monthly.
Right now I am working on the Nanairo no nico nico douga, or the 7 colors of nico nico douga.
I have to finsh hero time and than I can worry about who sings what and tempo and all that other fun stuff.

I have 4 UTAU's Voice banks released. 3 are work in progress.

Sasaki Emi VB 1 [romaji+hiragana]:
Sasaki Emi OTO file [by lengedmaker12]:
Sasaki Emi OTO file [by Ru-to san]

Kigi Ringo VB 1[Romaji]:

Tanak Nori VB 1 [romaji+hiragana]:

Kimura Tsuki VB 1 [romaji+hiragana]:

My UTAUs may not be popular but here are some videos other people have made with my UTAUs


Fruits Candy By Kitty [I think]

Angel Night By kuroshiroshiro2

Don't say "Lazy" Duet with Amagaku By TheUTAUmania

Please, feel free to use my UTAUs, just don't forget to let me know~!

Saturday, July 25, 2009



Nori's CD
, Cloudy Nights (has already been released, but is being fixed.) Songs:
2)Dark Alice
3)Daughter of the Evil
5)Double Lariat
7)Eternal Snow
9)World is Mine
10) Kokoro

Emi's CD, Sunny Days, (unnumbered) Songs:
Cantarella [done]
go my way [done]
message of regret [need to fix ust, and timing]
daughter of the evil
[need to fix ust, and timing]
popipo [done]
seikan hikou
[need to fix ust, and timing]
melt [done]
fly me to the moon [done]
toeto [done]
____ [undecided]

Tsuki's CD, Shinning Noon,
(unnumbered) Songs:
Toeto [Done]
____ [undecided]
____ [undecided]
____ [undecided]
____ [undecided]
____ [undecided]
____ [undecided]
____ [undecided]
____ [undecided]
____ [undecided]

Toshi's CD, Bright Dawn, (unnumbered) Songs:
Toeto [Done]
____ [undecided]
____ [undecided]
____ [undecided]
____ [undecided]
____ [undecided]
____ [undecided]
____ [undecided]
____ [undecided]
____ [undecided]

Twin's CD, Sparkling Twilight, (unnumbered) Songs:
Toeto [Done]
____ [undecided]
____ [undecided]
____ [undecided]
____ [undecided]
____ [undecided]
____ [undecided]
____ [undecided]
____ [undecided]
____ [undecided]

Any Suggestions or Requests can be placed here in a comment, or you can E-mail them to me at!

Friday, June 19, 2009


Age: 14
Hair Color: Orange
Eye Color: Light Pink
Main Pitch: Medium

I'm so excited for her voice bank to be completed! -Which needs serious work- a sample of her voice can be found on Youtube~

Saturday, June 6, 2009

What's UTAUpm?

UTAUpm is my UTAU group the 'pm' stands for 'Pretty Music'.
Which, if you've heard the music, you'd know it's not true.

The Characters:

So far there are only 2 characters:
Sasaki Emi and Ta
naka Nori!
Both are Voiced by Me.

These pictures are the original drawings for them, As soon as up to date pictures come, they will be uploaded.

Sasaki Emi:
Age: 13
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Main Pitch: High

Tanaka Nori:
Age: 20
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Main Pitch: Low