Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year, I guess

Wow I haven't updated in a while.
Anyway, I've notice a lot of UTAU makers have blogs and I, to be honest, COMPLETELY forgot I had a blog! ^^;
But I'm here now and I will try to post weekly,if not monthly.
Right now I am working on the Nanairo no nico nico douga, or the 7 colors of nico nico douga.
I have to finsh hero time and than I can worry about who sings what and tempo and all that other fun stuff.

I have 4 UTAU's Voice banks released. 3 are work in progress.

Sasaki Emi VB 1 [romaji+hiragana]:
Sasaki Emi OTO file [by lengedmaker12]:
Sasaki Emi OTO file [by Ru-to san]

Kigi Ringo VB 1[Romaji]:

Tanak Nori VB 1 [romaji+hiragana]:

Kimura Tsuki VB 1 [romaji+hiragana]:

My UTAUs may not be popular but here are some videos other people have made with my UTAUs


Fruits Candy By Kitty [I think]

Angel Night By kuroshiroshiro2

Don't say "Lazy" Duet with Amagaku By TheUTAUmania

Please, feel free to use my UTAUs, just don't forget to let me know~!